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Hey, quick update for you.

The response to our social media research study is gratifying but we are still a long way from complete.. So there is still time to answer it if you haven’t yet AND in the ultimate social experiment, time to tweet, blog, LI or FB to your friends and business associates about this important work.  Well, at least I think it’s important.  If you do too, please consider my request.  You can’t see me now but I am writing this on my knees, begging!  LOL!

For most of this year, Esteban Kolsky and I have been working on a study to better understand social media in business.  Today the survey is live and we’d really appreciate it if you could take some time to answer it.  This is your chance to tell us what works and what doesn’t and it will add significantly to our understanding of this rapidly growing and changing market.  What we learn here will be shared with you through forums like this so please take just a few moments and tell us what you think.  Start the survey.