The Larry and Marc Show Goes On

Posted: October 5, 2011 in CRM

Last night Oracle canceled Marc Benioff’s talk at OpenWorld. It created a sensation but I wonder if there’s more smoke than fire, if this isn’t simply an elaborate stunt played by pros. In that it is not unlike improvisational comedy. BTW, this is a great example of what curation software is good for.

#OOW11 WTF! Larry Cancels Marc, Oy…

WTF! I’ve been writing, talking and meeting all day. I thought I had the night off when this bombshell went off (it comes directly form Twitter): “RT @Benioff: Larry just cancelled my keynote tomorrow! Sorry #oow11! Join me @ St. Regis AME Restaurant at 10:30AM! The show must go on!
Marc Benioff Yanked from Oracle Openworld Speech

October 4, 2011 at 8:29 pm PT A quietly simmering feud between Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and the former employee he once invested in, CEO Marc Benioff, has just erupted into a new public spat. Benioff has been tweeting tonight that he’s been bounced from the speaker’s roster at Oracle Openworld conference in San Franciso, and he’s blaming the decision directly on Ellison.
Oracle vs.’s Benioff goes WWE: We’re being played | ZDNet

Summary: Oracle cancels a keynote from CEO Marc Benioff and the crowd goes wild. Suddenly, this feels more like a pro wrestling match. Oracle cancels CEO Marc Benioff’s keynote at the OpenWorld powwow as the two companies engage in what appears to be a pro wrestling match.
Larry and Marc Round 2 or Is It Round 3? #OOW11

Ahh, what a difference a good night’s sleep makes. The Greeks are still threatening default on their bonds, the economy is still in the loo, the major stock indices are teetering on a bear market precipice and Marc Benioff is still going to speak at Oracle OpenWorld or at least next door.


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