Dreamforce Consolidated

Posted: September 7, 2011 in CRM

Here are some of my postings as well as those of people I respect concerning Dreamforce and its aftermath.

Salesforce Riding High, Opens Dreamforce

Salesforce.com is riding the crest of wave after wave of good news as it starts Dreamforce, its annual convocation for customers, prospects, the press and analyst communities. Forty thousand people are expected in San Francisco for the event at some point in the week.
CRM News: Vendors: The Economic Impact of Dreamforce

It’s worthwhile to consider the economic consequences of Dreamforce — the products announced as well as the cultural issues it raised. Now, I am not an economist, and I encourage you to think about that, and maybe not read this if that matters.
E-Commerce News: Vendors: A Dreamforce Diary

One of the announcements Marc Benioff made in his Day 1 keynote here at Dreamforce was Database.com. The news is that Salesforce is now enabling its customers to store their data on their own hardware inside their data centers.
Analysts and Marc”s Press conference

They call it a Q&A session but when Marc Benioff takes questions he draws the kind of crowd that you often see politicians performing in front of. The group has gotten too big for me to know everyone or even most people – especially since it includes press, financial analysts and industry analysts.
Dreamforce 2011: Salesforce.com Talks Platforms | The Customer Collective

This is the moment most of the people that flock to Dreamforce each year can’t wait for: salesforce.com’s CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff”s keynote addresses. Benioff’s keynotes are eagerly anticipated because it’s most often the moment he delivers big news, announces new features, unveils acquisitions…in short, break news.
Eric Schmidt and Marc Benioff

Necessity is the mother of invention and last year when Bill Clinton was late for the closing keynote, Marc may have discovered an ideal medium for closing out Dreamforce. This year he perfected it.
B2C Social Today, B2B Tomorrow?

Salesforce has been hammering the social enterprise message all day and will continue to do so for a long time. It’s a good message and it dovetails with the subscription economy as the one-two punch for new fangled company organization.
Data, Here and There

One of the more announcements Marc Ben off made in his Day 1 Keynote was data.com. The news is that Salesforce is now enabling its customers to store their data on their own hardware inside their data centers.


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