CRM Evolution first things first

Posted: August 8, 2011 in CRM

Well this might be a first.  A Customer Relationship Management conference at a customer hostile hotel.  Here at the Hilton on 54th and 6th you can buy internet access in three different speeds — slow, slower and slowest — and the cost is inversely proportional to the speed.

There’s no good place to get on the Net.  My room is slow (I bought the middle grade, slower, thinking, well, you know what I was thinking) the public areas are slow too when they let you connect.

My room phone has no dial tone so lodging a complaint happens face to face and I can’t wait for that.  Also, the shower drains like Iowa after the spring rains.

I write all this after reading the Times articles on the growing global debt crisis, particularly what the Europeans are doing or not doing to fix their debt problems and it makes me wonder if New York and the US are very far behind.

I am just back from vacation and thought I was in a good mood but so far I feel like a cat taking an involuntary swimming lesson.

  1. I avoided the connection issues Denis. Don’t know if you noticed when we saw one another …. had the Verizon WiFi device running.

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