Beagle Research Group Recognizes Video Pioneers

Posted: February 8, 2011 in CRM, Technology
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Announces first annual Short Tale Award™ for Excellence in Video Use

Stoughton, MA, February 8, 2011 — Beagle Research Group, today announced “The Beagle Short Tale Awards” for 2011.  Beagle gives the annual awards for various aspects of video production and use by front office software companies in sales, marketing, service and education.  Denis Pombriant, Beagle’s managing principal said, “We believe video is profoundly changing the way companies communicate with customers and prospects and this award brings recognition to the pioneers as well as encouragement to those using the medium.”  The award is given for excellence in short videos (typically under six minutes) that are produced during the prior year (2010).

This year’s software vendor winners include Eloqua, Microsoft Corporation, NetSuite, RightNow Technologies, Sage North America, SAS,, Zuora and a special award to Jess3 a creative agency.  The grand prize for Strategic Use of Video went to, which produced, among others, a video quantifying the effectiveness of its video library as a sales and marketing tool.  Pombriant also said, “At this stage of a trend we often see unsubstantiated claims of effectiveness for a new technology.  Salesforce, provided the needed proof.”

A full report including links to all winning videos is available at

About Beagle Research Group

Beagle Research Group, LLC is an analyst, consulting and market research organization focused on emerging front office software companies.  Beagle Research investigates market trends and provides analysis and insight to vendors and buyers of front office computing solutions.  Our content is presented in articles, blogs posts and free downloadable reports at multiple locations across the Internet.  The Beagle Short Tale Award and logo are trademarks of Beagle Research Group, LLC.


  1. emschles says:

    Not only is video …. “profoundly changing the way companies communicate with customers and prospects”, its effecting knowledge transfer from educators (faculty) to students as formal education evolves; all while increasing the opportunity for collaboration.

    To be sure lecture capture has been around for a while. However, its distribution still requires the user to ‘search’ for content, download it, and actively view it on a small screen; a process that usually requires numerous log ins to disparate related or unrelated systems.

    If I’m a student I don’t care where the content is and I certainly don’t want to search for it. I want it when I need it (on my iPad while I’m sitting under a tree; in my dorm on my wide screen TV; or, with a group of other students at the library or other common area on a 60″ LED); and, the link should be accessible from a ‘page’ that is related specifically to the School, Curriculum, Class, Faculty Member, Semester, Assignment, Research, etc. that are my interests/requirements.

    So, not only does video change the game in business – education is where its effect will be truly profound.

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