Sage, Amazon go to market

Posted: May 3, 2010 in CRM, Technology
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Who ever said Monday is a slow news day?

Sage North America, vendor of SalesLogix and many other ERP and CRM products aimed at the SMB market, announced a partnership with Amazon today.  Sage said its cloud strategy will involve hosting its SalesLogix CRM product on Amazon’s EC2 cloud infrastructure.

The announcement puts Sage clearly into the cloud computing discussion along with Microsoft and many other vendors utilizing the Internet as a transport mechanism for hosted software.  EC2 will host SalesLogix software for those customers who need CRM functionality but who do not have in-house IT operations.  The move potentially saves Sage customers significant annual costs as they leverage IT resources and labor from the cloud.

This solution is similar to Microsoft’s approach and, for the customer base that Sage addresses, makes good sense.  Leveraging EC2 gives Sage customers the ability to access a familiar set of applications with greater convenience and better cost characteristics than conventional on-premise applications.

To strengthen its position in the cloud, Sage should now announce additional capabilities such as integrating other cloud-based applications into its solution set.  Perhaps additional announcements will be made in the run up to Sage Insights, the company’s annual meeting with its business partners to be held later this month in Denver.


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