Childish airline ways

Posted: April 28, 2010 in CRM, Current Affairs

I am flying Virgin America from San Francisco to Boston right now.  I had originally booked this flight for tomorrow but had to change.  The original fare was about $375 but when I made the change the equivalent seat would have cost more than $600 due to the shorter time before take off — standard airline pricing — so I accepted a downgrade to the same seat with fewer privileges for the same money plus a change fee.  Got that?  I am paying more for the same seat on a different day.  Got it.

The differences included having to pay $25 to check my bag (it was free before) and no inflight TV.  The TV is literally turned off for moi though the people on either side of me (did I mention I traded an aisle for the B seat?) have it.  So I am not allowed to see the oh so special content (I so miss the little map with the airplane skimming over it) AND I can’t order food or drinks from my seat.  I am not sure this means they won’t sell stuff to me but this seems to skate very close to a Title IX violation or some such thing, but I am not a lawyer.  I am sure their legal beagles played the hypotheticals before implementing the, ah, policy.

Personally, being denied airline food — even Virgin airline food — is like being denied rutabagas but the baggage charge is something else.  There are so many people carrying on that all of the flights and all of the airlines I have flown recently are tagging and gate checking bags for free.  The lesson here is to bring your bag and let the gate agent worry about it.

I wonder if my status allows me to use the rest room or if I can only piss on the airlines metaphorically.

  1. tboehm30 says:

    Hey, Airlines need to make money too. How can they make a profit if you are watching their TV?

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