The Duh Post

Posted: April 12, 2010 in CRM

From time to time various vendors invite me to their user group meetings to take in the sights and get briefed on what they’re doing.  The vendors always pay for my expenses otherwise I could not attend so many events.  This post points out the obvious, that despite paying the freight, vendors don’t influence what I write.  You know and I know that putting me in an economy class seat and flying me across the continent on a Sunday, is no way to attempt to bribe me.  I just thought you should know this, for the record.

  1. […] “SAS invited me to their SAS Global Forum user event as their guest to attend the launch of SAS Social Media Analytics. They paid my airfare, hotel and conference registration fees and gave me access to the product for evaluation.” [Their words, but I accept and endorse them.] In other words, this. […]

So, what did you think?

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