Enterprise 2.Oh wow!

Posted: June 25, 2009 in CRM

Ok, last year’s Enterprise 2.0 conference left me with the impression that this was the flavor of the month.  Its significance escaped me.  This year it was completely different.  Since I have been tracking social media, social networking and the like since 2002, I don’t believe that I had failed to get the religion.  I think it has taken a few years (this was the fourth E2.0 conference I believe.) to get the ideas and the messaging right. That’s all water over the dam and if you were stuck in rainy Boston for this conference, you probably got the impression that last year was a long time ago.

So, it’s time t put a marker down.  This is it, the real deal, a disruption is forming but it isn’t here yet.  Too many vendors are still (and will be for a while) stuck in the gee-whiz isn’t this technology cool phase.  It’s more like a weather pattern disturbance off the coast of Africa that has the potential to grow into a Caribbean hurricane give time and a few readily available ingredients.  It was fun to be at the conference, to absorb the mood and the thinking and to take copious notes.

The notes will form the basis of about three posts over the next few days.  They will appear here when they’re fully baked.


So, what did you think?

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