Salesforce and Obama hook up

Posted: January 15, 2009 in CRM
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You really have to read the last three posts backward.  I was trying to make a point about leveraging Internet technology to connect people and save time and money over conventional business processes that involve face-to-face meetings.  It’s very hard to make this claim, but this is about as close as I have ever been to being in a moment when a lot of things changed all at once.  Check out this thread.

Salesforce’s second PR of the day is a wonderful slap upside of the head.  In case you doubted the importance of the support cloud announcement, the good people at—Barack Obama’s tell-me-what-you-think-is most-important citizen feedback site just announced that they are using Salesforce CRM Ideas to collect citizen feedback.  Not bad for a product that will be announced in three hours.

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