Beagle Research Group, LLC Recognizes Software’s WizKids

Posted: March 26, 2008 in CRM

Announces annual WizKids Award and report for advances in CRM

Stoughton, MA, March 26, 2008 — Beagle Research Group, today announced the winners of its annual CRM WizKids award for innovation in front office software.  The WizKids award is given to emerging software companies that demonstrate new and innovative solutions to business problems encountered in the rapidly changing front office.  Denis Pombriant, managing principal of the company and the report’s author said, “This year’s awards showcase a group unified by their abilities to deliver high performance applications to many specialized situations through on-demand computing.”

This year’s report includes companies with solutions that support specialized sales processes.  For example, Firepond provides a configuration, pricing and quotation solution and InsideView delivers market place intelligence to sales people and TerrAlign enables managers to configure sales territories and LucidEra which provides on-demand analytics for the sales process. 

The 2008 WizKids Award winners are: Firepond, Inc. Framingham, MA; InsideView, San Francisco, CA; Lithium Technologies, Emeryville, CA; Lucid Era, Inc., San Mateo, CA; Marketo, Inc., San Mateo, CA; The TerrAlign Group, Inc., Reston, VA; Verticals onDemand, Inc., Pleasanton, CA.

The full report is available at

About Beagle Research Group

Beagle Research Group, LLC is a consulting and market research organization focused on emerging companies and technologies that will have an important impact on the way business is conducted in the future.  WizKids is a trademark of Beagle Research Group, LLC.


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