A Top Blogger? Top 20?

Posted: December 18, 2007 in CRM


Wow!  That feels pretty good!  I feel special — and I didn’t even know anybody read this thing (though I had some suspicions).  What am I blabbing about?  Apparently the folks at InsideCRM decided this was one of the more important blogs of the year and we now have this cool *.jpg to prove it.  Click here to check out the other 19 and the comments from the editors.  Congrats to all the other bloggers and thanks to Paul Greenberg (the winner, natch!) who convinced me that I should do this.

Too many thank-yous to all of you who read this thing from week to week.  Honestly, that has to be the hard work because writing the blog is fairly easy.  I really like doing this — and now I have proof that someone reaads it…I’m gonna ask for a raise!  No, wait that won’t work…


So, what did you think?

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