Clara’s FaceBook mash up

Posted: September 18, 2007 in CRM

Hats off to Clara Shih the product manager who built an interesting mashup between’s SFA product and FaceBook called FaceForce — really what else would you call it?  As an aside, the force or suffix may be about to become the ketchup of computing — it goes with everything and though the idea of adding it anywhere might sound strange at first you really need to try it to get an appreciation.

At any rate, FaceForce is designed to give an SFA user some insight into a contact which the contact might reveal in a profile stored in FaceBook. As far as social networking goes, you can’t do much better than going right to the source.

The mashup has a lot of potential uses. For example, in addition to the sales scenario, I can think of at least one application called Studentforce (needs no description, does it? Pass the ketchup, please.) that will be a big hit with this. Imagine having all of your college scheduling, transcripts, email, financial aid, weekend plans, and all of your buds accessible from a single interface.

Clara did a great job putting FaceForce together.



So, what did you think?

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