A one way trip to Palookaville?

Posted: December 21, 2005 in Baseball

The Boston Red Sox team bus made a detour on its trip to Palookaville yesterday. The team stopped in New York just long enough to let Johnny Damon go to the Yankees. That leaves the former World Series winner significantly depleted. Just something like 4 or 5 players from the team that won it all 14 months ago remain. The Red Sox now have two (count em) general managers, no center fielder, a left fielder who wants out, no short stop or first baseman, and I could go on but why? In case you ever wondered, Yankee fans are not born, they are made by the countless idiotic decisions that emanate from Yawkee Way in Boston.

  1. Splendid Splinter says:

    Well, once the air started leaking from the BoSox ballyhooed balloon, it went out in a big way.

    It wasn’t the loss of Roger, Pedro, Mueller, or Nomah. It was the loss of CRM by the BoSox — after all, the team should continue to provide the same support, service and post-season production as they had in the past. And they should be able to identify their customer’s needs (another World’s Series victory, or ten) and deliver products and services to meet those needs.

    Instead, the team opted to cheap out — CRM isn’t expensive, but it isn’t low cost either — and let a key customer service rep, aka Johnny Damon, go. Soon, one of the best power hitters in baseball will leave the team and head to the competition. And he’ll take customers with him.

    Clearly, if the BoSox were following the tenants of Denis’ CRM success components, they’d maintain and improve their customer support team; would make customer support and delivery a focus of management; and would invest heavily now to reap the short and long-term payoffs.

    Instead, the customers will find that they’ll have to wait another 50+ years to get satisfactory results from the BoSox organization.

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